Increase WooCommerce Sales with These 10 Proven Digital Marketing Strategies

Increase WooCommerce Sales with These 10 Proven Digital Marketing Strategies

Are you looking for digital marketing strategies to increase your WooCommerce sales? 

A robust online presence has become crucial for e-commerce businesses in today’s digital marketing landscape. The right digital marketing strategies have become a hot topic of discussion among the WooCommerce communities. 

E-commerce websites employ various marketing strategies to improve conversions and boost sales. No digital store can achieve its goals without designing a comprehensive package of digital marketing strategies. 

The backbone of online marketing is using suitable digital marketing campaigns with the right digital marketing strategies at the right time. Now, it is digital marketing that makes or breaks businesses. 

Let’s dive into the sea of digital marketing and explore some digital marketing strategies to boost conversions and enhance sales to the next level.

10 Proven Digital Marketing Strategies to Increase WooCommerce Sales

1. Increase your website's loading speed

It is said that there is a direct link between the loading speed of your e-commerce site and your sales. The higher your website’s loading speed, the more conversions are possible. Low speed means low sales. 

The reason is that when your site takes time to reload, visitors will leave without making any purchases. You must understand that customers are always in a hurry; they don’t wait for your site to reload. 

Try a 3-second test on your site and track its loading speed. Various WooCommerce caching plugins are available to help you speed up your e-commerce sites. You also use tools like GTmetrix and Google PageSpeed to check your website’s loading speed.

2. Simplify the checkout process

Another critical strategy to increase your WooCommerce sales is to improve the checkout process. Make it as simple as possible. Various studies have shown that more than 40% of customers leave your site and abandon their carts because of the complicated checkout process.  So, improving and simplifying this single point can significantly impact on your sales. The two to three-step checkout process is ideal. You can improve your checkout process by removing unnecessary fields or adding advanced functionalities such as paint calculator plugin to calculate the cost as per your client’s needs.  Only keep those fields that are necessary for the order to be completed. Moreover, only ask your customers to log in or register after purchasing. Improving checkout means increasing your revenue.

3. Optimize Product Descriptions and Images

Optimization is essential for your site to rank in the top result pages of search engines. Optimize your product description and images to boost your sales to the next level. 

Use high-quality photos and SEO-optimized product descriptions and meta tags to raise your brand’s visibility in search engines. Attractive images and compelling product descriptions always drive more traffic to your website. 

Write descriptions using simple language and be honest. Don’t exaggerate or overuse your words. Make your product descriptions easy and informative. Your product photos and descriptions should ideally reflect your brand. Moreover, add relevant keywords to your descriptions and use compressed images to improve the loading speed of your product page. 

4. Offer more than one Payment Gateway

Never use a single payment method. Always use more than three payment gateways to cater to the needs and preferences of different customers. Offer a variety of payment alternatives to attract more consumers to your site. 

Moreover, remove any obstacles that might halt your customers from completing their transactions. Highlight your payment options and display them strategically on your pages. Allow your users to select any payment option they like, be it credit or debit cards, Apply Pay, or PayPal. 

Furthermore, make your payment alternatives simple and secure. Give a guarantee to your customers that financial and personal data is safe. When your customer is satisfied, he will purchase your products.

5. Use Social Media Platforms for Advertising

Without using social media handles, you simply can’t boost your brand’s awareness. In today’s fast-paced digital marketing, social media platforms have become one of the best tools for running marketing campaigns effectively. 

Due to the surge of smartphones or tablets, social media channels have millions of users worldwide. By effectively using these platforms, you can drive millions of visitors to your website. 

This is why, today, all small to large online businesses ensure their presence on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter, etc. Post visually appealing, engaging images and descriptions of your product or services on your social media profiles. 

Moreover, regularly conduct live streaming sessions with your customers on these platforms and ask them to share their opinions and feedback.

6. Use Email Marketing

Email marketing has also become the most potent form of digital marketing. It allows you to target your potential customers and is the most powerful way of increasing WooCommerce sales. 

Collect your customers’ data through newsletter sign-ups and use it to inform them about your new products in stock or discounts on your products. Also, redesign your email marketing campaigns to remind customers of their abandoned carts. 

Effective email marketing will help you attract more customers and drive more traffic to your website. More traffic means more chances of conversions.

7. Improve the User Experience

Your website is the front of your e-commerce store. Make your shop front attractive and eye-catching. Display your products in proper categories. By improving your site’s usability, you can increase your sales to the next level.

 Implement intuitive navigation by designing a clear and logical structure that allows your users to find what they want. 

Use engaging descriptive labels, a responsive design, a functional search bar, and a hierarchical organization of your content. A digital store that is hard to navigate always generates less revenue.

8. Give Discounts and Free Shipping

Customers love discounts, no doubt.  Giving discounts and offering free delivery are the best marketing strategies.  The more discounts you provide on your products, the greater the chances of conversions. 

Remember, your customers always take advantage of the opportunity to buy products at discounts. Free shipping is another reason your customers frequently abandon their carts. By offering free delivery, you can eliminate this obstacle in your customers’ way, and they will not hesitate to place their orders. 

Giving discounts and offering free shipping makes customers happy and motivates them to purchase. Moreover, creating a sense of urgency and limited stock encourages your customers to place their orders. These tactics can help you enhance conversions and boost your sales.

9. Give the In formation your Customers Need

Ensure that you are providing enough information to your customers. Make your product apps robust by adding a mix of content, including photos, blogs, videos, and price tags. 

Search engines provide good rankings to those websites that use mixed content. Thus, you can improve your rankings on search engines, hence conversions, and increase your sales to the next level. 

The best way to provide the information your customers require is through a FAQ page. Never exaggerate when providing information. Be genuine, be active, and enjoy your sales. 

10. Be Available to Online Store Visitors

Your online presence is essential for the success of your online business. To this end, make public your phone number, email ID, or content via WhatsApp. Be available to your customers and respond to them within minutes. 

If you do not respond to your customers within a day, they will buy your products elsewhere. Live chat is also one of the best constant options. 

Hire an employee specifically for this purpose or connect a chat program to your phone so you can respond to notifications right away. You can also install live chat plugins or extensions for the WooCommerce plugin library.


In today’s fast-paced digital marketing age, a robust set of digital marketing strategies is the backbone of e-commerce businesses. No digital store can generate revenue without devising and implementing proven digital marketing strategies. We have provided you with a list of 10 proven digital marketing strategies that can help you drive more traffic, enhance conversions, and increase your WooCommerce sales.

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